Byron Buxton’s Son Is a Hitting Prodigy

Photo: @buckdaddy103 - Instagram
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This is Britton Buxton. He is the son of Byron Buxton. According to a google search, he is “about 6 years old”. You just watched a video of Britton hitting a cold, hard bomb over a youth baseball field fence… using a tee. That makes young Mr. Buxton a walking baseball prodigy…

I don’t know how far that fence is but it may as well be 408 and he hit that thing to dead center field. His dad wouldn’t have caught that one. I hate how every kid gets a trophy in 2019 but Britton deserves at least a medal for this practice shot. Look at this swing too… His elbow is up and his feet are a perfect distance apart. He’s almost completely worked the loop out, that every new little kid has with a bat in their hands.

Can the Gophers offer him a scholarship yet? 6 isn’t too young, right? Next time you see Byron Buxton, make sure you get Britton’s autograph.

Now, his dad just needs to get healthy because the Twins badly need him… Look at this graphic and it’ll be tough to deny how important Byron Buxton is to the Minnesota Twins.

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Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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