Byron Buxton Suffers Setback in Return to Twins

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Just when we were thinking we’d see Byron Buxton in Center Field for the Minnesota Twins, we are once again reminded how difficult it is to have nice things in Minnesota. After being held out of yesterday’s game in Cedar Rapids because of “wet turf”, it is now being reported by Dan Hayes of The Athletic, among others, that Buxton will be out a bit longer because of something he felt tweak in his shoulder on Sunday, and then again during batting practice today.

We can definitely take solice in no structural damage but fuck… I’m getting close to turning myself into “I don’t care anymore” mode with our favorite former #1 prospect… It has to be frustrating for him too, but when will it be enough for him to change some of the stupid things he does in the outfield?

That’s a question he has to be asking himself.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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