Byron Buxton Might Need Season-Ending Shoulder Surgery

Photo: USA Today
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Though Buxton has appeared in five games since Sept. 1 as a defensive replacement/pinch-runner, the latest developments, or lack thereof, have the Twins unsure if he’d be able to swing a bat before the season ends. Buxton is scheduled to visit Dr. Neal ElAttrache on Monday.

“I think it’s possible,” manager Rocco Baldelli said of Buxton starting again this season. “I don’t really know. I don’t really think anybody can say for sure, or with any confidence, ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ And that’s why we’re trying to seek out as many opinions as we can, and not wait until the season ends to do that. Doing it now and allowing us to react from there I think makes a lot of sense.”

Last season, Ehire Adrianza suffered a subluxation in his left shoulder, which prevented him from hitting right-handed the rest of the way. Adrianza played with the injury and was able to hit left-handed but had offseason surgery to stabilize the injury.

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This morning we found out that Byron Buxton was headed to California for an appointment on his ailing shoulder. We were told it was NOT a setback, but a scheduled appointment. Well 8-9 hours later, we are finding out that this “scheduled appointment” was to find out if we need to immediately schedule season-ending shoulder surgery…

And the fact that this is leaking to the media AFTER the original announcement has taken place, tells me that Byron Buxton returning to the field in 2019 is as good as dead. AGAIN, that’s not what is being reported yet AND I don’t have any insider information, but it’s weird that we are getting this leak now, after already hearing about his trip to Cali (where they tried to downplay its significance) much earlier in the day. It’s as if they are bracing us for the ultimate announcement tomorrow, after the appointment, that Buxton will have season-ending shoulder surgery, and not be available for the playoffs.

Fuck it. We keep on losing guys but we continue to win games so let’s just close our eyes and jump into postseason play already. I hope I am wrong… but I doubt I am.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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