Byron Buxton Hits Inside-The-Park Home Run vs Sox in Game 2; That’s Karma

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Remember last night, when Byron Buxton hit an inside-the-park home run but it was called back because the Chicago White Sox have the worst outfield fence in the MLB? Well, sometimes when the world screws you over, karma comes back to pay you off. For Buxton, the payoff came less than 24 hours later.

You can’t miss a fly ball when Byron Buxton is running the bases… unless there are exigent circumstances (like last night). Chicago had no such luck tonight, and the human deer made them pay.

We’re only in the third inning of this game and it’s tied 1-1. This is a prime example of just how important Buxton is to this team. The spark he can provide, is unlike almost anyone else in Major League Baseball.

I can’t imagine there is anyone in the sport of baseball who is faster than Byron Buxton. This isn’t the fastest he’s ever run the bases, however. Back in 2017, Buxton hit an inside-the-parker and sped around the bases in just 13.85 seconds, .09 seconds faster than he did tonight.

It’s pretty sad to see such a great athlete lose to father time, who remains undefeated. If Buxton can’t remain at his peak-performance through his twenties, then how can anyone else expect to?

Buck should probably start bulking up. When you lose the speed part of your game, that’s what you have to do to remain elite.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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