Butler Return Ignites Embarrassment but KAT Shows Signs of Angry/Vengeful… hope

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After reading Jon Krawczynski this morning, I am so happy I didn’t watch the Wolves last night that it almost makes me feel better about losing a bunch of money on the NCAA Tournament instead…

Just reading Jon’s piece got my blood boiling to a level that makes me nervous for those around me, had I watched last night’s festivities at Target Center.

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While the NBA, Jimmy Butler, and most media outlets find this as a funny story that gives everyone something different to talk about as we near the end of a long 82-game season and start to rev the hype-machine for the playoffs……

“LOLOLOL look at Jimmy get booed!” —- “Ooooh, who was friendly w/Jimmy before the game and who wasn’t?!” —- “What does KAT think???”

While most of the Wolves’ players show no ill-will toward the 3-year-old temper tantrum that Butler threw to get out (and show fans exactly why we should follow teams and not players — because they don’t give a fuck about us or winning for the most part) and just chalk it up to “the business” of the NBA……

Minnesota sits in shit-limbo; with an owner that would be better off senile, who oversees a coach that might as well be his own son, and a front office that won’t be around in another month. Before Butler got here, we had hope not seen since the early 2000’s and by the time he left, we had fallen to depths only seen when KG and Marbury left town… and it’s only gotten worse since……. fuck… thank god for KAT

And Jimmy? Oh he is probably sitting back in Philly now, (after another W) where he’s probably eating brunch in a shirt that’s too pink and shorts that are too tight, while he clowns Minnesota and preps playoff tape with a few teammates (that actually like him).

Last night was a joke to Jimmy Butler. He got exactly what he wanted when he demanded out of Minnesota and we are left here staring at 5-10 more years of shitty Timberwolves basketball (outside of a Wiggins, Okogie, and/or draft day miracle).

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But, there was a shred of hope that came from last night’s game…

Through this entire process, I’ve been critical of Karl-Anthony Towns and how he’s handled it. He’s had too much class and not enough pride. While Jimmy was trashing him, his teammates, his coach, his front office, and the state he claimed to love so much, he sat back and watched it all deteriorate and didn’t fight back or say anything publicly.

But what worried me more was how that attitude took to the court… Could a guy who can let all of that roll off his shoulder, really get nasty, mean, and be ready for a huge moment or game inside of a playoff run? Could a guy like that lead you back from this miserable abyss? Was KAT soft like Jimmy claimed or was he just REALLY professional…?

Well, it turns out that Towns might be a better actor than LeBron James but even he might be sick of the nice guy — professional-type facade…

One of the few players who didn’t have much time for Butler [pregame] was Karl-Anthony Towns, who was right behind Okogie when the two players reached the locker room doors. As Butler shared words with Okogie, Towns barely made eye contact, then gave a quick and cold dap before disappearing behind the doors. Both players have long insisted that there is no animosity between them, but there were subtle hints throughout the night that contradicted it. via The Athletic

It was Towns’ turn to pick the music for pregame warmups, according to The Athletic, and his song of choice was Kendrick Lamar’s “DNA”…

“… I got loyalty, got royalty, inside my DNA…”

And it wasn’t just KAT’s behavior before the game that got the attention of those who were paying attention. Towns was tough to find postgame and visibly pissed off at his poor performance in a game that he clearly had marked for some revenge… I love seeing this because if the Wolves are going to have any chance at digging out of this catastrophic grave, they will need a top-5 (NBA Player) Karl Towns even more than they will need miracles to be worked with Wiggins.

KAT is our Moses and our only hope.

And our Moses needs some mean and pissed-off to him. Here’s what Jon Krawczynski wrote about KAT’s behavior after the game:

He was in no mood to discuss it after the game, and maybe that’s for the best. As so many of the players admitted to having no issues with Butler and wished him the best, Towns was visibly frustrated. He knew he did not play well on either end of the floor…

Normally chatty with fans and spectators who get to walk the back hallways, Towns quickly shook the hands of several lingering outside the Wolves locker room. He then headed to his car in the arena’s loading dock, cursing quietly at his missed opportunity.

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Now, KAT should go look Glen in the eyes and tell him to sell the team.

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Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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