Bullpen Blows Game in 7th but Bats Save Twins Again

Photo: @Twins - Twitter
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Martin Perez was pitching for his job tonight and he looked like it. He had by far his best outing in months. His fastball was up above 95 MPH all night and he was able to battle out of the innings that have been haunting him since the end of May. He finished 6 innings with a solid line of: 6H | 0 ER | 4 BB | 3 K | 88 PC.

That should keep him in the rotation for a bit longer. It’s a very and clutch and impressive outing.

But it didn’t take long for the bullpen to fuck it all up…

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I’ll admit it. I was down. It got ugly in my living room. Things might have been said and/or tweeted that may or may not be regretful. But, that’s life when your thoughts live on the internet…

Luckily for everyone on Twitter, my wife, kids, and my own well-being… it didn’t take long for the Twins to strike back. It was a group effort but the guy with the World Series cred is the one who delivered the knock-out shot.

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Other things:

– Sam Dyson pitched a 1-2-3 8th inning in his first appearance since being traded here, sucking for a few games, and then being sent to the IL for an injury he apparently had before he got here. The Twins will obviously need him to be “good Sam Dyson” the rest of the way.

– Twins fans traveled really well and I’m not sure which team had more fans at this game. The crowd sounded like it was going wild when the Twins had big moments. That’s awesome to see.

– Sergio Romo closed out the game in the 9th and not Taylor Rogers, who was deemed unavailable, after a bunch of innings before the break on Monday.

– Cleveland lost in extra innings tonight, moving the Twins ahead in the AL Central by .5 games.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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