BREAKING: Minnesota Twins Have HIGH Interest in Free Agent Yu Darvish; Others

Has the time finally come? Are the Pohlad’s actually preparing to open up their check books? And not just for a middle-of-the road guy. No, no, no.

Per, Yu Darvish and Jake Arrieta are the top pitching free agents on the market. And according to Jon Heyman, in the tweet/story above. It seems like just yesterday the Twins were trotting Ricky Nolasco and Mike Pelfrey out to the mound. When Ervin Santana and Jose Berriors pitched on back-to-back days this past summer, it was extremely exciting. Imagine if we parlay those two with a pitcher such as… umm.. IDK, maybe, Yu F**KING Darvish?!?!

Raise your hand if you are familiar with the name Jack Morris? The pitcher who threw 10 innings to win game 7 in the 1991 World Series. The one who is now MN legend? I remember it like it was yesterday. Just a passionate 18 month-old Minnesota Fan, poppin’ victory bottles. Some of my fellow Millennials tend to forget that Jack came over in Free Agency. His tenure with the Twins was one year. One and done. Pitchers tend to make or break a team come postseason. The Morris case is a prime example of where a pitcher made a team. If it happened once, who is to say it can’t happen again?

I can probably cut the caffeine out for the rest of the day. I thought another Red Bull would be needed, but this bomb just dropped by FanRag Sports will do the trick. Fasten those seat-belts Minnesota. The ball club that improved by 26 wins over their 2016 total is ready to improve some more.

Our core of young hitters will only improve at the plate. Pitching is BY FAR the biggest question mark behind this organization. If we can get top market talent such as Darvish, October baseball in 2018 should consist of more than just a wild card game.

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Photo: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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