BREAKING: Bleacher Report GoT Video Footage of Infamous Jimmy Butler Practice

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Do you remember the infamous Jimmy Butler practice? The one that led to his interview with Rachel Nichols… which then led to my “Dear Jimmy Butler, Fuck You” article, which articulated how just about every Timberwolves fan was feeling in that moment.. Jimmy was quoted yelling “YOU FUCKING NEED ME” to Tom Thibodeau and Scott Layden? KAT reportedly cowered in fear when confronted?

Well, Bleacher Report GoT its hands on video footage from that practice and it was so much worse than we thought…

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Holy shit…. that much blood was never reported when all of this went down. I’m just shocked that the players who leaked the practice to reporters (including Jimmy) never mentioned Andrew Wiggins heart being ripped out of his chest. That would have been news… All of us were shocked by the size of it too… especially Tom.

And the cops weren’t even called… 

The camera angles on such a moment are incredible as well. This reporting has to push Bleacher Report to the top of sports outlets nationwide.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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