Bradford Throws All Over Saints on Monday Night Football (Recap)

Vikings vs Saints on Monday Night Football:

1st Quarter:

Each team moved the ball well in the 1st quarter but there wasn’t much scoring. The defenses would both have “bend but don’t break” drives and the quarter ended in a 3-3 tie.

2nd Quarter:

The Vikings caught fire in the 2nd quarter. I will let you relive the magic for yourself. This was Bradford all night long.

And then Sean Payton got cocky. Cocky Sean Payton is my least favorite Sean Payton and that is saying something because I hate that asshole. He called 2 timeouts while the Vikings were in their own end zone with under 2 minutes to play. They were able to get a 1st down and then this happened. Thanks Sean Payton. F*** you.

I hope Vaccaro gets kicked out of the league for that bullshit hit.

Forbath missed the extra point so the Vikings went into halftime with a 16-6 lead.

3rd Quarter:

This was another uneventful quarter, like the 1st was. I almost needed it after all the action in the 2nd quarter. The Saints added another field goal, their 3rd of the game.

4th Quarter:

Bradford would find pay-dirt for the 3rd time as we got the 4th quarter started. This time it was Kyle Rudolph.

Brees would lead the Saints down for a garbage-time touchdown when the Vikings fell back into a soft zone defense with the big lead. His fantasy owners were happy for him. It was over.

Final: 29-19 Vikings (1-0) WIN

Knee-Jerk Reaction:

What a game! Everyone in the state was nervous after a sub-par preseason performance from the Vikings at all three phases of the game. That all changed tonight.

Sam Bradford looked like an MVP out there and the offensive line kept him so clean, I was told he will use the same uniform and helmet for the next home game. They are the first to get a one-clap from Randy. If they give Bradford that time all year, he might actually win MVP. He finished 27-32 for 346 yards and 3 TDs. Are you f****** kidding me?

Dalvin Cook is who we thought he was and I picked him in both of my fantasy leagues early, because I was so sure. This guy is going to be special. He finished the night with 127 yards on 22 carries.

Sam Spread it out to everyone but damn did the receivers look good too. They were open all the time. And Diggs? He looked like 84 out there. Unbelievable…

The Defense was same-old, same-old: STEADY. They didn’t always look great but they didn’t really break. And they made Drew Brees nervous all night long.

If this is the Vikings team we see all year then this will be the Super Bowl team we were hoping to see last season.

They will take the act on the road to Pittsburgh next week and here is how I see that going:


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Minnesota Sports Fan @RealMNSportsFan

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