Blue Jays May be Interested in Trading for Both Jorge Polanco and Max Kepler

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The Minnesota Twins have been so quiet so far this offseason that you have to wonder if the lights are even on and phones are connected at Target Field or the team’s spring training facility in Fort Myers. But they aren’t the only ones.

Eight teams across the league are yet to spend a free agent dollar this offseason and the list has two AL East teams on it… including the New York Yankees. But it’s the Canadian team in the East that, after missing out on Shohei Ohtani, could be saving their free agency dollars for a trade with the Twins.

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Toronto Blue Jays + Minnesota Twins = Potential Trade Partners

Not only would the Toronto Blue Jays be a good fit for one of two known Twins position players on the trade block, Max Kepler or Jorge Polanco, but Jon Morosi is reporting on Monday morning that the Jays are potentially interested in taking both.

“One team here that makes a ton of sense, the Toronto Blue Jays. The Jays, they were in on Ohtani. Of course, they missed him. They now need to bring in, I think, multiple bats. And I think they need to find a way to add in, whether it’s Polanco or Kepler, or maybe even both to be able to balance out that lineup.”

Jon Morosi – MLB Network

Blue Jays might want both Polanco and Kepler…?

The Blue Jays and Mariners have both been mentioned as possible landing spots for Polanco, prior to Monday, though this is the first time I have seen an MLB insider suggest that they could both be dealt as part of the same trade package.

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You’d think the Twins could get a pretty return for Polanco and Kepler, if they can get a team like Toronto to take both Kepler, Polanco and their combined $20.5 million salaries in 2024, as part of the same trade package.

Those are two proven, legitimate front or middle of the order hitters on a playoff team, which the Jays know better than anyone, given the Twins swept them in the Wildcard round of the 2023 MLB Postseason.

Whether it’s Toronto, Seattle or another team that wants to take Max Kepler and/or Jorge Polanco off the Twins’ hands, Morosi sees it as very likely (80% chance) at least one of the two gets shipped out. He puts it at a coin flip chance that both long-time Twins are wearing different uniforms in 2024.

“I would say is probably at about 80% and and and maybe both going is probably right around 50/50, maybe even a little above.”

Jon Morosi – MLB Network

When will the Minnesota Twins finally make their move, this offseason? Who knows, but it seems they still plan to eventually do something…

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