Blair Walsh Missed 3 Field Goals on Sunday: ALL WIDE LEFT

SO, remember this preseason, when Blair Walsh hit a 52 yard field goal and pointed to the Vikings sideline like the idiot he is. Like: ‘See, you should have trusted me..’. ‘You guys did me wrong… in your face…’.

Because the Vikings did him so wrong by signing him to a HUGE contract for a kicker who lost Teddy Bridgewater his only playoff appearance. The team that continued to trust you for about 2 years too many. Everyone knows Blair Walsh signed his own letter of resignation by missing important kick after important kick.

Here is what I am talking about:

Well, Blair Walsh had one of those days we’ve seen too many times here in Minnesota. I wonder if he is mad at the Seahawks players and fans for missing this field goal. Maybe Russel Wilson needs to be more politically correct (not sure if that is possible). I don’t hope for players to fail too often… Russel Wilson also falls on this list. Blair Walsh is at the top. He and Joe Buck, holding it down up there together.

I hope you fail, Blair Walsh. And I will post something like this every time. Just know, it didn’t have to be like this. If you would have just shut your mouth and put your little finger away, earlier this year, this wouldn’t even have been posted….

Well maybe… but I wouldn’t have been this mean.

I can’t believe they are all WIDE LEFT too…. Couldn’t have been any better. Enjoy….

Eric Strack
Minnesota Sports Fan @RealMNSportsFan


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