Bill Guerin Chosen as GM of USA Olympic Hockey Team

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It’s been quite the up and down season for Minnesota Wild president of hockey operations, Bill Guerin, but his 2023-24 rollercoaster has hit a high point today.

Minnesota Wild president Bill Guerin named Team USA general manager

Not only did the Wild get a win last night, in their first game out of the NHL All-Star break, but on Thursday Guerin was named general manager of USA hockey for both the 2025 ‘Nation’s Faceoff’ tournament and the 2026 Winter Olympics, in Italy.

Guerin gave the same type of speech, in his post-announcement Zoom conference, that he gave when he first met with players after becoming general manager a few years ago. It’s all about winning. But given his recent roster construction decisions in Minnesota, I’m not sure how much decision-makers for Team USA should trust him.

Guerin shakes off earlier investigations into behavior

I would not have believed anyone who had told me a month ago that, on February 8, Bill Guerin would be named GM of the USA Olympic team. Remember, it hasn’t even been two months since news broke (Dec. 14) that Guerin was the subject of two separate independent investigations that ended in two long-time Minnesota Wild employees no longer working for the team.

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We still don’t know what happened or how much of either investigation/fallout falls on Guerin’s shoulders. All we know is that two employees directly underneath Bill Guerin are no longer employed by the team.

Meanwhile, his career seems to be unaffected. Is that right or wrong? Neither the Wild nor the media members who cover the team have given us enough information to address that question.

But the NHL was reported as privy to whatever findings came out of those investigations into Guerin’s behavior and those same people decided (a) discipline for Guerin was unnecessary and that (b) he still deserved to run USA Hockey for the upcoming Olympic games.

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