Bears This Week, Packers Next Week – Both Sunday Night Lights, Both Must-Win

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Vikings fans are tepid.. It’s been an up and down season following our biggest heartbreak since 2009, in last year’s NFC Championship. Rallying cries and confident speeches around the Minnesota water coolers are harder to find than they were last season. Nervous is another word you could use. Or, maybe detached would be better. Pretending to be detached?

I don’t know. Whatever it is, traveling to Soldier Field this weekend has magnified Viking fan PTSD. I believe they will win. And honestly, they need to. Look at this schedule coming up. It’s a fucking brutalfest.

The difficulty of the schedule is reflected but the prime time slots through this stretch. The Vikings will play both the Bears and the Packers on Sunday Night Football in back-to-back weeks. Then, they’ll be game of the week vs the Patriots the following Sunday for the late-afternoon (Joe Buck…yay). Then, they’ll move to Monday Night Football when they play in Seattle.


It’s the perfect opportunity for Mike Zimmer to get his team ready for the playoffs. The Bears, Packers, and Seahawks might not make the dance, when it’s all said and done, but they’re all in the running right now and with the prime-time lights shining and playoff hopes on the line, all teams should be ready to fuck shit up.

But really, our fate will be decided on the two division games about to played over the next two weeks. The Vikings need to beat Chicago on the road and the Packers when they come to town next Sunday night. If they do that, they’ll enter the Patriots game at 7-3-1, with a nice little lead in the NFC North. Then, we’re talking about a win against the Pats that would solidify the SKOL as Super Bowl favorites and the North would be all but locked down.

On the contrary, if you lose either one of these two games coming up, we enter the game against the Pats needing a tough victory against an impossible opponent.

Here’s the thing though:

We are a way better football team than the Mitch “Can’t throw left” Trubisky-led Chicago Bears and the “We would be really fucking bad without Aaron Rodgers” Green Bay Packers. It’s time we show that to the world. We have a suffocating defense that’s come to play over the last month and an offense with so many fucking weapons, Kirk Cousins needs another belt to carry them all.

Oh yeah, we also have Kirk Cousins. It’s time to earn these big pay checks Kirk.

Eric Strack
Minnesota Sports Fan

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