Basketball Gods Bless Timberwolves with Number 1 Pick

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Did you feel that tension in the air today? Of course you did. As Minnesota Timberwolves fans, we’ve gotten used to the hopes and dreams of our franchise being determined by ping pong balls and oversized envelopes. So when NBA Draft Lottery night rolls around, tension hangs thick in the air throughout Minnesota, all day. It only gets worse when you log onto Timberwolves internet.

New rules for the NBA Draft Lottery now give the worst three teams the same 14% odds of landing the #1 overall pick. Because of that, 2020 lottery and draft hopes have been high around here since the Wolves snuck into the top worst-three, just as the NBA season came to an abrupt halt 5 months ago.

There was still a really good chance of sliding down, which I pointed out this morning, but did we expect anything positive to come easy with the Minnesota Timberwolves? The anxiety is all part of it. This is the night Wolves fans wait all year for. After a full day of maximum build up, I put on my big boy pants, plus a brave face… and turned on my TV at 7:30 PM CT. Here is what I saw:


The world has to be ending… is there a large comet barreling toward earth if you look out your window? The Minnesota Timberwolves just moved up in the Draft Lottery for the first time in their history and it was to step up and snag the #1 overall pick.

I am still having troubles breathing as I type this. The options are now endless for Gersson Rosas. He can look for a trade (Devin Booker anyone) or he can take the best player in this draft.

You will never again convince me that the NBA lottery is rigged. It is simply impossible at this point. With Golden State and New York in the mix this year, the NBA would have taken any team over the wolves…

I need a cigarette.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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