Baseball’s Problem: The Astros Aren’t Sorry and Rob Manfred is Still Hiding Truths to Protect MLB

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Every time someone from the MLB speaks about this Houston Astros cheating scandal, in hopes of making it better… it gets worse. This morning, that person speaking, was MLB Commissioner, Rob Manfred.

We haven’t seen all of the interview yet. SportsCenter is slow rolling it out this morning, in cut-up clips so people will watch them again… I’ll embed clips into this blog, as they become available, along with more commentary if necessary, until the full interview is available.

Can We Get Any Sincerity or Honesty…?

Everyone who was involved in the actual Astros cheating scandal OR in the investigation afterward, are ALL hiding shit when they talk. That’s been the biggest problem since this investigation started (Manfred says that in the beginning of the clip above) and it remains the biggest problem to this day..

What Manfred doesn’t realize in this respect, is he’s a big part of the problem. He granted immunity to all players involved, in order to get answers. Imagine if we gave immunity to all criminals in the world, so they’d give us the truth in what they did…

He also picks his own words VERY carefully and clearly hides half of the truth when he is giving this interview to Ravich. The deception is so obvious, Spongebob Squarepants is skeptical…


Maybe the MLB should just hire people who are better at their jobs, including someone to replace Manfred, himself?

The fans and players are sick of being lied to by the MLB and the Houston Astros so those two entities can “move on” from this, as Manfred so carefully chose his words this morning.

Fans don’t give a fuck that you are trying to “move on”. We are still trying to figure out what happened, before we can even discuss “moving on”.

What a joke. How about we worry less about “moving on” and more about investigating and then punishing (properly) everyone involved?

For example, it hasn’t even been 24 hours since Carlos Correa gave his ridiculous interview where he stanned for Jose Altuve’s 2017 MVP, after Cody Bellinger said he doesn’t deserve it, earlier this week.

During that interview, he said the Astros didn’t do any cheating in 2018, which is false (pointed out to him by Ken Rosenthal during the interview). Apparently, they don’t believe that using centerfield cameras to decode signs, then relaying them to the runner on 2nd base, is cheating?

The Astros Aren’t Sorry

“If you don’t know the facts, then you should shut the fuck up.”

Those words were actually said on a major TV interview. WE WANT ALL OF THE FACTS, CARLOS SO WHY DON’T YOU BE THE ONE TO SHARE THOSE WITH US????

How do you even give that interview with a serious face? How do you talk about everyone not knowing the facts, when you have them… and are lying to hide them. It’s almost so stupid that you have to laugh.

At least they apologized a little bit… kind of… I guess… but not really.

First, it was complete bullshit. Then, their owner spoke and made it way worse… before we finally got ahold of a couple players at their lockers who at least seemed apologetic. And then Carlos Correa called Ken Rosenthal for that terrible interview above….

The only reason they are sorry is because they got caught. That’s clear. The players need to take some fucking responsibility. They keep on pointing to this stupid fucking memo that was sent to the Astros sometime in 2017, that reiterated the illegality of using technology to steal signs, but was never shared with the players…

… as if we are stupid enough to believe they didn’t know it was wrong and illegal to steal signs using centerfield cameras. Again, we aren’t being told everything and instead, we are treated like we are too stupid to realize it.

MLB is About to Ban Astros Players from Being Thrown At:

We also found out that Manfred and Co. are going to send out a memo to all MLB teams with a list of punishments for purposefully throwing at Astros players, in retaliation for their cheating….

…which is fucking hilarious!

The same league that has refused to punish pitchers who throw at guys for watching home runs too long, is now concerned about player being thrown at? Does this guy live in the same world we do?

First, you protect the players from any real punishment, by giving them immunity for telling the truth. Then, you are going to protect them from baseball’s classic player-run legal system, by punishing those who enforce the “unwritten rules” that were so crucial to protect, before?

This Shit Show is Just Getting Started

Through all of this, one thing has become incredibly clear. This scandal that is flipping baseball upside down, is nowhere near over.

With the Astros getting more defensive, instead of apologetic; the MLB defending them at every turn, instead of levying worthy punishments; and the Boston Red Sox cheating decision still looming…… Manfred get comfortable in front of cameras because this issue is around to stay.

This looks like it will follow the Astros, the MLB, and Manfred’s legacy forever.

If any of those entities cared about saving baseball instead of their own asses, we would know the truth to all of this, the Astros wouldn’t have a banner hanging or rings on fingers, and there wouldn’t be Astros players to throw at this season because they’d all be suspended or banished for good.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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