Are the Minnesota Twins Fight or Flight?

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Alright Twins fans, here we are.

While many of us have been “just enjoying this wonderful Twins’ season”, like a 1st-class Delta passenger on their way to an all-inclusive “Sandals” vacation, many of us have been more realistic. This is a long-ass plane ride and there are no guarantees on your seat or your destination.

And now, after their first 3-game losing streak of 2019, a lead in the Central Division that’s down to just 4 games, and a good Oakland A’s team coming into Target Field for a 4-game series, this plane is bordering on full-on hijack mode and fans (including myself) are starting to panic…

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I could go one hundred different ways with the rest of this blog and I am inching closer and closer to a tantrum piece for pitching help before it’s too late… but today isn’t the day for that. No. Today, the Twins and their fans need a stiff smack on the ass, some eye-to-eye contact, and a quick “Enough of this shit. Get back out there and shut them up.” pep-talk.

Trevor May gave an interview earlier this week about some annoyance the Twins’ players seemed to have with some of the nervous air that was circling around them. Annoyed that the Indians were actually thinking positively and annoyed that Twins’ fans were getting sweaty palms.


You should be annoyed. You should feel like this is just a small swoon in a long season. You should feel like this is something everyone else will forget about in two weeks, when Cleveland cools down and we get back to even. Because in the course of a long season, that’s what happens with good teams. Rough stretches just become unrecognizable blips on the radar.

So, what’s it going to be Minnesota Twins? Fight or Flight?

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Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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