Antoine Winfield Jr. is Still Without an Agent as He Navigates NFL Combine This Week


The NFL Scouting Combine got underway on Tuesday and will run through the weekend. Workouts will start on Thursday night, the QB’s, TE’s and WR’s will be running around in spandex, before the other positions follow suit on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

It was actually reported yesterday, that Tyler Johnson will not be running the 40-yard dash on Thursday, instead opting to run it on his pro-day back in Minnesota, come the end of March.

We won’t see former Gopher Safety, Antoine Winfield Jr. until Sunday when he and the rest of the defensive backs take the field as the last position group to tout their shiny spandex. Whatever teams see him throughout this week or show any interest, apparently won’t be going through an agent (via Darren Wolfson – The Scoop – SKOR North).

“Former Gopher, Antoine Winfield Jr. technically is not with an agent. Now I noted on this podcast a few weeks ago, that he was set to sign with a big agency, but that fell through. He then committed to another agent but never signed the paperwork.

He’s been training in Miami. The trainer also trains, of the Vikings, Dalvin Cook, Xavier Rhodes and Stefon Diggs. He’s with a big time trainer. He’s been training with some other draft prospects. He’ll be in Indianapolis next week, but interesting nonetheless…

Not all guys have agents, but still, pretty interesting with visits to set up. It’s a lengthy process… a grueling process so a lot of guys like to have representation as they enter the NFL. So, I think eventually he will.. but interesting nonetheless that right now, he does not.”

Darren Wolfson – The Scoop – SKOR North

Doogie starts in on Antoine Winfield Jr. at the 22:18 mark above

This is a pretty odd move, given the fluctuation of Winfield’s draft position, depending on who you ask. Mel Kiper Jr. had him going to the Vikings in the 1st round of his 2.0 mock last week, while others don’t have him coming off the board until the 4th round. You’d think it’d be very important to have an agent, given the circumstances.

He does have his dad, Antoine Winfield Sr., who knows exactly what he is doing, and knows a little bit about the NFL, given his 14 NFL seasons. I’m 99.99% sure he isn’t going through this process without plenty of experienced guidance.

During his time in the NFL, Antoine Winfield Sr. had an agent named, Ashanti Webb. I heard some rumblings involving a Winfield-Webb reassembly in Jr. form so I did some digging for myself and found a few interesting bits.

For most of their time together, Webb represented Winfield through the “Ultimate Sports Agency” and is still on their website. However, when you check the NFLPA website, Ashanti Webb is not listed as a certified agent. “Ultimate Sports Agency” does have 3 agents listed with the NFLPA.

Ultimate Sports Agency is also pretty active on Twitter. I respect their TL because it looks more like mine, than it does some standard timeline you’d expect to see from a professional athlete agency. Also on their TL since November 2019 though, are a lot of retweets and their own positive tweets… about Antoine Winfield Jr.

@UltSportsAgency on Twitter

So, if I had to guess… I’d say that Antoine Winfield Jr lands with Ultimate Sports Agency when this is all said and done and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the NFLPA recertify Ashanti Webb just before it happens.

I have some questions out to Ultimate Sports so we’ll wee what they have to say. This isn’t huge news but being a big J is fun sometimes, when breadcrumbs actually fall together. We’ll see if I’m right.

For now though, Antoine Winfield Jr. enters the NFL combine without an agent and that in itself, is definitely newsworthy.

I tried reaching out to Antoine, to get more insight for this blog, but didn’t get a response. If more information comes to light, I’ll be sure to update or write a follow-up.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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