Anthony Edwards Ready to Shine in Game 6

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Tuesday night was a tough one. The Minnesota Timberwolves had the Memphis Grizzlies on the ropes for most of the game. But a slow start and disastrous finish cost them a victory and a chance to close the series back home in game 6. Instead, it’s the Wolves who find their backs against the wall and facing elimination at Target Center on Friday evening.

But Anthony Edwards has already put game 5’s 111-109 loss behind him. He’s ready for game 6 and the pressure of an elimination game. That’s when he shines, as he tweeted out on Wednesday morning.

Anthony Edwards Craves the Big Time Moment

It’s easy to imagine the smirk on Edwards’ face as he tweeted this, knowing the extra pressure it will put on him to deliver on Friday night. Ant seems to revel in that kind of role. The latest moment came on Tuesday night when, after struggling all 4th quarter, Chris Finch put the ball in his hands for the game-tying 3-pointer with three seconds remaining. The play call was brilliant, the execution even better and Ant cashed it in to reward his coach.

Yes, Edwards gave up the Ja Morant drive that ended in a game-winning layup the next possession. But unlike others, you won’t see me ripping him for that steal attempt. Ant saw a moment to win the game and he went for it. He thought Brooks was going to inbound the ball on the half-court side of Ja Morant and he was wrong.

But had he succeeded, Edwards would’ve had time left for a decent shot to win the game on the other end. Something like that would have cemented him into Timberwolves playoff lore forever. Right up there with Sam Cassell’s big balls dance.

Hope for your morning

Anthony Edwards wants the moment and his tweet this morning is a warning shot to the Memphis Grizzlies. If you’re going to revolve your defense around stopping Karl-Anthony Towns in game 6, like they have all series, you’ll pay.

To Minnesota Timberwolves fans who are waking up this morning to doom in their cereal and gloom in their coffee. This tweet is for you, too. Anthony Edwards is the hope we needed. He’s got you.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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