Andrew Wiggins has Worst Game of His Life as Excuses Fade

While you were watching the Gophers take The Axe back last night for the first time in 14 years and prepping for your fantasy football stretch run, the Timberwolves took another stride toward mediocrity with a victory over Zach LaVine and the Chicago Bulls.

The win was expected as the Wolves are an average to a little above-average team and Chicago is bad, now 5-15 on the season after last night. But, there were a few major takeaways. One of them is VERY concerning for the #AllEyesNorth movement…

But first, let’s touch on the positive. Karl-Anthony Towns had a fucking monstrous game. The type of game that makes you believe he might become the top-10 NBA player we were dreaming of and now desperately need.

Derrick Rose continues his “fuck you” tour every night on the floor. The guy is averaging 22 points over his last 3 games and it’s not due to an excess in volume… This old mother fucker is shooting 63.4% in those games. It’s unbelievable.

Alright… we have to get to the depressing part of this. Unfortunately, it’s the most important development. And I can’t find anyone who will blame it on some sort of injury that he is playing “tough guy” through or anything else to blame it on.

Andrew Wiggins has been REALLY bad the last couple of games. Catastrophically bad. Especially last night, which culminated in this…

Wiggins rode the excuse train while Jimmy Butler was here. Everyone forgot about his issues, and pointed to the dysfunction Butler was causing, as the reasoning behind his poor numbers and performances. But when Jimmy left town, that excuse train left the station and it was time for Wiggins to nut up.

Like I mentioned in tweeting Darren Wolfson about this earlier today, Wiggins was his best self in the two games immediately following Butler’s departure. But things started going downhill from there and the last two games have been fucking brutal. Unacceptable for the game checks this guy is earning and set to bring in going forward.

Hopefully, a matchup against the team that traded him can get him juiced up… or at least to a flat-line status.

Maybe Glen needs to have another stern talk with him. Look him in the eyes some more while he puts that cash in his pockets.

Eric Strack
Minnesota Sports Fan

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