Andre Patterson Shows Why He’s So Widely Loved at Electric 1st Press Conference as Vikings Co-DC


The Vikings promoted their VERY highly-touted Defensive Line Coach, Andre Patterson, to Co-Defensive Coordinator recently, along with Adam Zimmer.

‘Dre (as he’s known around the Vikings building) got behind the podium and in front of the media, for the first time late this morning, and showed everyone why he is so highly-touted.

He was a breath of fresh air, after a younger and much more nervous Adam Zimmer stood in the same place to answer media questions right before him.

I’m not going to embed Adam’s video. He does fine. He’s just a lot younger, less experienced, and his knees were a bit shakier than Dre’s or his father’s are.

You can see Coach Patterson’s rousing entrance at the end of Adam’s video. He’s into serious mode, by the time his video starts below, but his entrance was must-see so I recommend you click the link above and see for yourself.

He would be fun to cover and talk to on a regular basis.

Dre is clearly a very deep human being and someone who cares a lot about those in his life. We heard a lot of good things about him long before he was promoted to DC so none of this is news to anyone.

He discusses everything from how he coaches, to how he sees the world. He deep dives his relationship with Mike Zimmer and what makes them a good match. We found out where he came from and how he started his career as a teacher.

We hear what he thinks about sharing the position with Adam Zimmer, and what went into making that happen… he was an open book on just about every topic. Now that he is holding that DC position, we’ll get to hear from him on the regular so I’m sure we’ll get to know him pretty damn well.

It’s just fun to see it first-hand.

It’s a long one, because Dre goes so deep on so many subjects, but it’s worth it.

Andre Patterson has been around for awhile, but clearly still has a bright future in the NFL. We all found out why today.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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