All-Star Voters Haven’t Forgotten About Byron Buxton

Byron Buxton has All-Star numbers in 2021, hitting .370 with a 1.180 OPS and 9 home runs. But, the Minnesota Twins centerfielder hasn’t played a game since May 6 when he was sent to the injured list with a “hip strain” issue. Fans who are voting for AL outfielders clearly don’t care. They want Buxton in their 2021 All-Star outfield at Coors Field on July 13.

As of one hour ago, Buxton was a top-3 vote-getter in the American League outfield, slotting him in as the starting left fielder.

How it works

There are two rounds of voting for the 2021 All-Star game, per CBS Sports. This first round will end ten days from now, on June 24. The top-9 outfielders for each league will move to the final round of voting, which starts on June 28 at noon. Again, the actual game takes place on July 13.

To cast votes, you can visit and view the entire ballot. If you don’t care about the ballot process, just “Google” the player you want to vote for and you’ll find a “Vote for [Byron Buxton]” button at the top of your search results.

Buxton set to return

If Byron Buxton was a leading vote-getter when he was on the IR, I’d imagine he’ll only garner a larger majority of the populous when he returns. Coincidentally, Buck’s return appears to be on the horizon. After a short 3-game rehab stint in St. Paul, where he hit .556 with a 2.139 OPS, 7 RBI and 2 HR, Byron traveled with the Twins to Seattle and is expected to make his return while there.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan