All of This Arguing About the Twins… is Awesome.

Photo: AP/Stacy Bengs
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The Minnesota Twins were the first team in the MLB to hit the 50 win mark, after their extra-inning victory yesterday afternoon over the Royals. Most of Twins nation is full of positivity and can’t wait to cheer their little panties off, for the next game. I can’t blame you. It’s been a long time since we’ve had this much “good” surrounding the local baseball club.

But some Twins fans and personalities seem to have forgotten what it’s like to follow a baseball team that is good. Because now that the Twins are atop the MLB (before the All-Star voting has even concluded) it’s just an absolute shock to some that anyone would speak a negative thought about such a positive light for our lives:

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I mean, this shit is all over the place. “Just enjoy the season” now makes me want to vomit all over your fucking shoes. Don’t get made though, just enjoy the season.

It’s the most passive aggressive “your opinion doesn’t matter” low-blow cheap shot of all-time. Assuming everyone’s brain works like yours, or that it should, is what Twitter is supposed to be against. And the lack of empathy is astounding. Just because the Twins have won a bunch of games doesn’t mean that you can’t see the same downfalls as all of the “negative” people out there.

Their bullpen is a disgrace, and while the trade deadline is still over a month away, I’m not going to be mad at fans who feel like the Twins might sit on their hands again. Can you blame them? Miguel Sano’s strike outs ARE a problem. I’m not trading Sano and I’m not down on his future like many, but are you really going to tell me you smile while he whiffs at record pace? Sure his OPS is better than Eddie Rosario’s but when did analytics become the only thing that matters in baseball? Have you watched his at-bats? The nerds went from wanting a spot at the table, to asses too big to make room for the “baseball guys” at all.

There’s more to pick on with this team (like the terrible baserunning and defense they’ve shown at times), but I’m not going to do that, because that’s not why I’m writing this.

Some fans like to sit back and “just enjoy the season” when good teams like this come around…and some fans raise their expectations to the next level: ‘what will it take for this team to win a championship’ (this is me), and some fans wait for that next thing to go wrong (they have history on their side btw)…

But no matter what, at least we are arguing about a really good team that’s worth arguing about. We aren’t talking about another top pick in the draft, that minor leaguer who is dominating in AA, or when Vikings Training Camp starts. This is what happens to fanbases with good teams. Because everyone is different (like we were taught in elementary school).

Just ask Vikings Twitter…

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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