After Further Review, Minnesota Amateur Baseball is Reportedly Coming Back

We had a ton of mad amateur baseball players around the state of Minnesota today. Their anger was justified, too. It was rumored that Governor Tim Walz was about to crush any hopes on 2020 amateur summer baseball, or “Town Ball” debuting in the near future.

This was after rumors leaked yesterday, that “Town Ball” was among those activities labeled as “high risk” of spreading Coronavirus, thus outlawed (more on that momentarily) in the state of Minnesota.

Luckily, concerns have been heard and cooler heads have seemingly prevailed. It doesn’t sound like baseball is being labeled as “high-risk”, after all. According to Patrick Reusse of the Star Tribune, we could see a 2020 town ball debut within the next week or two.

“I’m trying to clarify what the guidance on baseball is from the Minnesota Department of Health,’’ Frentz said. “If it approves of the social distancing plan laid out by the baseball board, I believe we will be opening up very soon.”

June 20, latest, is what I was hearing from others Saturday. The hope is that the go-ahead comes earlier, allowing play to start next weekend when the schedule is hectic.

Star Tribune – Patrick Reusse

Obviously, this is big news and welcomed in small baseball communities all around the state of Minnesota. Like them, I struggle to understand why 100-300 people gathering to play/watch baseball on weekends is “high risk”, but protesters gathering in the thousands around the country isn’t…

This isn’t a political conversation. It’s common sense. No matter what you believe about the protests, police brutality, and/or the oppression of black people in the United States…. those large gatherings are spreading the reach of Coronavirus more than these small towns have people. The thought of allowing one and not the other is completely ludicrous.

We could talk about how the entire state and country should open up… and sports (and arenas and stadiums) but that’s for another blog. I’m just glad I can drive north and watch a Randall Cubs game this summer (while my parents watch my kids).


Check out this awesome video on the history of town ball in Minnesota.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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