Adrian Peterson’s Season is Over Early Again…. Is His Career?

It’s been five years since Adrian Peterson’s MVP campaign. Time flies when Mike Zimmer is at the helm.

A half of decade later, it’s time to ask the question (again): Does Peterson have anything left?

Adrian Peterson sustained a neck injury in Week 12 vs the Jaguars. After being unable to recover, he has officially been placed on IR. The announcement, made on Thursday, marks the end of the season for AP.

2017 was a wild ride for Peterson. Along with bouncing all over, I’m assuming he had no idea what was coming next. The man must have felt like a cat on the way to the vet.

It all started in free agency. On April 25th, The artist, formerly known as Purple Jesus, signed with the Saints. The Vikings defense shut him down in Week 1, in a game that included a sideline stare down w/his new head coach. A few lack-luster performances later, and Peterson was traded to Arizona in early October.

AP is currently in the first year of a two-year deal. He turns 33 in March. NFL RBs age like dogs. His numbers over the last two seasons have been rough:

However, the Oklahoma Sooner product had a couple of moments this season. Topping the 130 yard rushing plateau in a game is no small feat. Adrian did it twice.

Another elder RB in the league is Frank Gore. The fact the 34 year-old had 36 carries last Sunday blows my mind. If Gore can continue to produce, can Peterson?

AP gets a lot of heat from Viking’s fans for the things he didn’t do well. I’m as guilty of that as anyone. The fact he couldn’t catch drove me more crazy than watching Rubio clank open jumpers. For others, it may have been fumbles, the switch incident, struggles in pass protection, etc..

While all of those struggles are/were real, in his prime, Adrian Peterson was an absolute monster. What he has accomplished needs to be appreciated. His 2012 rushing total of 2,097 yards is the second highest single season amount in league history. I’ll never forget how it finished with that victory over Green Bay:

As for the all-time records, here is Adrian Peterson stands:

  • Rush Yards12th (12,276)
  • Rush Yards Per Game4th (92.3)
  • Rush Yards Pet Attempt – 13th (4.8)
  • Rush TDs9th (99)

Let’s hope they can figure out how to fit those forearms in his HOF jacket.

Since we’re already on the topic of old friends, let’s address another. Former Timberwolves Guard, Kris Dunn, was sent to Chicago as part of the Jimmy Butler acquisition. Here was his Wednesday evening:

I’m not a lip reader, but I believe he says “Buck him, Buck him!”

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