Adrian Peterson in Talks to Fight Le’Veon Bell

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Adrian Peterson was once the greatest running back in the world, and under consideration as the greatest athlete. In his prime, AP sat atop the manliest mainstream sport in America. Oftentimes, he made his world-class competitors look unworthy of sharing a field with him.

Those glory days, however, are long gone. Peterson, after 17 seasons in the NFL, might finally be forced to hang up his football cleats in 2022. But that doesn’t mean he’ll be pushed out of the spotlight or refused a paycheck that will allow him to showcase his first-class athleticism.

Adrian Peterson the Fighter?

And according to TMZ, his next job could very well be inside of a boxing ring. If this version of AP’s fight night gets consumated, his opponent would reportedly be fellow running back, Le’Veon Bell. ESPN has since confirmed that the fight will, in fact, happen in late July.

A boxing showdown between two NFL superstars is in the works — Adrian Peterson is currently in the process of becoming Le’Veon Bell’s opponent at Arena next month, TMZ Sports has learned. — We broke the story earlier this month, 30-year-old Bell is slated to take his first boxing match as part of YouTube superstar Austin McBroom’s Social Gloves event in Los Angeles … but his opponent had het to be announced. — Now, we’re told the 37-year-old former NFL MVP is in talks to take the ring against Bell on July 30 … in what would be a massive fight between two accomplished running backs.TMZ Sports

Money Problems

It’s well-known that Adrian Peterson mismanaged money during his playing career and has a lot of people + children on the monthly books. So while it’s true that AP has made over $103 million from playing football alone, it’s likely he will need plenty of work, once he can no longer find a job in the NFL.

Thus why I’m not the least bit surprised at this news. Especially if it’s going to take place in LA at Crypto Arena. That would mean a lot of hype and sponsorship dollars pumped into it. And a pretty healthy payday for Adrian Peterson.

And just in case you forgot how dominant AP was back in his hayday. Here’s a quick refresher course.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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