Addison Reed Fills Out a Now-Strong Bullpen; Time to Upgrade the Starting Rotation

For those of you experiencing tunnel vision on NFL Football this weekend, like me, the most recent Twins’ signing may have gone unnoticed.

However, somewhat surprisingly, there are no over-the-hill athletes or minor league scraps involved in this one. The acquisition of bullpen pitcher, Addison Reed, is ACTUALLY newsworthy. The 29 year-old right-hander agreed to a 2 year deal with Minnesota on Saturday (pending physical).

Good shit, Pohlad’s. I’ve been waiting for something like this:


Don’t worry. I have a different one lined up for when/if the BIG splash occurs.

Barring trade, Addison Reed will be with the Twins through at least the 2019 season. Reed spent last season as part of both the Mets & Red Sox organizations. Over his two-team 2017 campaign, the 6’4″ 230 pound pitcher had a 2.84 ERA over 77 appearances (76 innings). Sexy! For comparison purposes, Taylor Rodgers, who actually topped the MLB in holds (bigger deal than saves), lead the Twins by throwing in 69 contests. During 8 less outings, Rodgers compiled a slightly higher ERA of 3.09.

Despite being in the bullpen the entire time last year, Addison Reed wore multiple hats. He finished the 7th year of his career with 15 holds AND 19 saves. Now, that’s versatility. The pitcher with a lifetime WHIP of 1.160 has amassed 425 strikeouts over 402.2 career innings pitched.

His role with the Twins’ remains to be seen. Recently signed, Fernando Rodney indicated that a large part of him choosing Minnesota was the commitment to him as our closer. However, the 40 year-old’s pitches are currently getting pissed on in the Dominican Winter League. We’re talking 15.00 ERA type of stuff.

I love all that is the electric 3x time All-Star. But after seeing those numbers, the thought of a Molly-Rodney 9th-inning handoff makes me feel uneasy. Father Time is undefeated and that’s not a fluke. He’ll be getting your ass soon, Tom Brady…


Besides cash, what’s Rodney’s motive for pitching in this Winter league? It better be greenbacks. If it’s for Patriotic purposes I get and appreciate that, but damn. He’s almost 41 years-old. Let the younger fellas do that year-round stuff.

Below was “Google’s Top Stories” when I searched “Fernando Rodney” on Sunday evening. Look at the timing of those articles. Coincidence or nah?

Anywho, how’s the Twins bullpen as a whole entering 2018? Reed, Rodney, and recently signed Zach Duke now join Rogers, Alan Busenitz, Tyler Duffey, Trevor Hildenberger, and Ryan Pressly. Let’s hope this group can significantly outperform last season’s 12th-best AL relief roster.

Now, it’s time to find their starting rotation. Offense wasn’t a problem coming into the offseason, although a power-hitting DH is definitely on the wishlist. But, before Falvine worries too much about another two hands to swing sticks a few times per game, he needs to worry about getting 1 or 2 more arms to throw leather-covered, red-stitched balls for 6-9 innings efficiently.

The Twins currently have 2 starting pitchers that most fans would say the are comfortable with. Ervin Santana and Jose Berrios are great but they are also pitching 1 spot higher than they should be, in a good rotation. Santana is a REALLY good 2-pitcher and can hold down the 1-spot, if needed. But, both he and Berrios would be better-served moving down a spot, and so would the Twins.

I know one pitcher who would do the trick. I’ll keep calling… maybe they’ll listen eventually.

Who will enter the regular season in what role is a puzzle that remains to be completed. Maybe not for Fernando Rodney, but for us fans, it should actually be enjoyable. So, find that top starting pitcher or two under the couch, or in the other puzzle box because puzzles are a hell of a lot better when you have the actual pieces.

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