Adam Thielen Tells Pat McAfee: “In Practice, I’m Unbelievable at [The Griddy]”

Photo: Brad Rempel – USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings got back on the winning track last weekend vs the Houston Texans. At 1-3, winning was a first-time thing for them this season. It was a fun game to watch and it was nice to see some smiles on the faces of Vikings players and fans alike.

During the contest, Adam Thielen hauled in his 4th touchdown of the season and it came with a new (kind of) celebration. In honor of his new teammate and wide receiving partner, Justin Jefferson, Thielen pulled out his own version of “The Griddy”, a dance move that Jefferson helped make popular while attending LSU and winning a National Championship in 2019.

Best/Worst Griddy in History

Look, let’s be honest about this. I’m a growing into a middle-aged white guy too, so I feel like I can say this without sounding like an asshole. Adam Thielen’s Griddy was terrible.

I’m not “hating” on Mr. Thielen for his dance floor shortcomings. I embraced them. I’m an early-30’s white guy too. I get it. Plus, being terrible at something is funny, especially when it’s happening to a world class athlete like Adam. It was endearing to see him go all out and embarrass himself just to gain the respect and friendship of a young team member he’s helping to mentor.

It was a great Minnesota Vikings moment, and the type of thing they will need more of if they stand a chance at turning this lost season into something special (just like a win somehow in Seattle this weekend).


But Adam Thielen got on The Pat McAfee Show today and doubled down on his Griddy. He even claimed to be much better at executing the dance move during Vikings’ practices; that the bright lights and unleashed adrenaline of game day (with 20% fans allowed) got to him in the moment. See for yourself…

McAfee: “Have you heard the internet say that ‘you are the worst Griddy’? I don’t know if you deserve that, at this point.

Thielen: “Well… yeah. No excuses, right? I will say, in practice I’m unbelievable at [The Griddy]. And then [in the game] the lights are on me and, you know, the cameras and I’m all juiced up… so it gets a little out of rhythm.

Adam Thielen – Pat McAfee Show

Now look, I’m not here to call Adam Thielen a liar. That would be unprofessional. As important as this topic is, we don’t yet have enough evidence to come to a conclusion. Not after this latest piece of information was just dropped on us. Could we really see a completely different person after the next Adam Thielen touchdown?

Re-watch the video above. Compare his dance to Justin Jefferson’s. A completely different person would have to climb into Adam Thielen’s body, if he’s going to turn that “Griddy” into something the kids on the street can respect…

Is it possible? Until I see it, no. Hopefully he can prove me wrong… because I really want to see him try.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan