Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs are GOOD at Football – Fantasy Football Agrees

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs (14) celebrates a touchdown with Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen (19) during the Minnesota Vikings game versus the Green Bay Packers on Sept. 18, 2016 at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN. (Photo Credit: Matt Blewett/The Minnesota Sports Report)

#Skol Nation knows that both Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs have been studs at the WR position this year. Fantasy Football Nation knows both players have significantly outperformed their statistical expectations.

Before we take a further look into Fantasy side of things, I want to make one thing very clear. As long as the Vikes are in contention, to hell with my Fantasy team. I’d pay the $100 entry fee ten times over to see the Purple at the Bank in February. That’s just the type of unselfishness you get with me. Johnny Minnesota is and always will be a team-first guy.

How did they rank in ESPN’s Fantasy rankings during the preseason:

  • Stefon Diggs – 31st WR Overall
  • Adam Thielen – 38th WR Overall

Per, here is where they stand through 10 weeks (WR points Per Game, Standard Scoring):

  1. DeAndre Hopkins (14.3 PPG)
  2. Will Fuller (12.6 PPG)
  3. Odell Beckham, JR (12.3 PPG)
  4. Antonio Brown (11.8)
  5. Stefon Diggs (11.4)
  6. Maurice Harris (11.0)
  7. A.J. Green (10.8)
  8. Michael Crabtree (10.1)
  9. Adam Thielen (9.8)
  10. Mike Evans (9.7)

Nice predictions “experts.” The above list is for points per game, rather than overall, because Diggs missed two games earlier in the season. With that being said, you can reasonably throw out OBJ and Maurice Harris from the above list. Just cross their asses off like we did the Green Bay Packers. They’re irrelevant. OBJ is on the IR and Maurice Harris’ scoring is based on his one and only game played. Harris makes one great play against the Vikings and is listed above Adam Thielen. (queue face-palm emoji)

Our defense plays so lights out, these two don’t get the National attention they deserve. As for the local fan base, Minnesota adores them. Do you prefer the Maryland product, with some Mike Irvin attitude in him, or the homegrown grinder from Mankato State? It’s a wash on my end. That would be like choosing between the children I don’t have.

Keep an eye on how they finish from a Fantasy perspective. Use every other ounce of energy you have on supporting the actual Football team.

(Eric’s editing note: I couldn’t decide between these two highlight videos so I’d just watch both.)


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