According to Wikipedia, Dre Kirkpatrick Plays for the Minnesota Vikings…

Dre Kirkpatrick has been a free agent for a little over two months now, since being released by the Bengals at the end of March. The Minnesota Vikings fan base got the rumor mill churning on Twitter, almost immediately after the news broke. This was a move that actually made sense.

The Vikings need veteran secondary help and Dre has experience with Zim, who drafted and coached him for 2 seasons (2012-2013) in Cincinnati, before taking the head coaching job in Minnesota.

Kirkpatrick has a career stat line of; 10 Interceptions, 65 Pass Deflections, and 302 Tackles. He fits a position of need almost too well, after an offseason that’s seen a substantial amount of change at the CB position. Trae Waynes and Mackensie Alexander both signed with the Cincinnati Bengals, and Xavier Rhodes with the Indianapolis Colts.

Here’s where things get weird, though: According to Wikipedia, Dre Kirkpatrick already plays in purple and gold…. and apparently rocks the #28 (a tribute to Vikings great Adrian Peterson, perhaps?).

I know what you’re thinking: ‘We learned in middle school that Wikipedia isn’t reliable.’ But this is 2020. If Wiki isn’t a reliable source, then wtf is? Alright, fine… if you don’t believe Wikipedia (which sounds just like “encyclopedia”, by the way), then maybe you’ll trust this blog I’ve never heard of, called

They seem to have direct quotes from Kirkpatrick, as if they talked to him themselves. is so certain he’s a Viking, they didn’t even bother to ask him.. In fact, you don’t have to look past the opening paragraph:

Following the tragic death of George Floyd, the backlash against the law has flared. The situation has escalated to a stage where there is rioting and vandalism. Now, Minnesota Vikings player Dre Kirkpatrick opened up on the situation in his residence in Cincinnati.

Essentially Sports – Dhruv George

After eight seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals, the Minnesota Vikings roped in Kirkpatrick earlier this year. Outside NFL, Dre Kirkpatrick co-owns a store call Hutch Baby, a baby-supply business, with his girlfriend. He clarified that his beef is not with the protests, but the destruction that has accompanied it.

Essentially Sports – Dhruv George

There is no way that two high-profile outlets, this well-known around the world as trustworthy and reliable, would both be wrong. I’m sure the signing of Dre just flew under the radar of our great local (Wolfson, Cronin, Graff, Tomasson, Goessling, etc) and national insiders (Schefter, Rapoport, Pelissero, etc)…

…. or maybe not?

Oh, ok… Eric (who apparently knows everything now). Who are fans supposed to believe, the owner and president of the website I’m currently blogging for… or Wikipedia? Stop acting as if this Essentially Sports “exclusive” interview was stolen from Sports Illustrated and never sourced properly…

I’m going to let the people decide who to believe.

Cam Thompson | Minnesota Sports Fan

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