Aaron Rodgers Seems Pissed About Losing His QB Coach



As emotionally painful as this week has been for Skol Nation, it’s almost over. Before we know it, Super Bowl XLII will have crowned a winner and the dust on all this hoopla will have settled. Personally, I can’t wait. Minneapolis and the surrounding areas are places where people live and work. It’s not a damn rumpus room, am I right?


Nonetheless, things could be worse. The potential nightmare scenario where Aaron Rodgers leads Green Bay to a ring in our own backyard didn’t come to fruition. 

In fact, the 2017 season saw trouble in paradise for the Packers. From all accounts, despite a new calendar year, their issues are still going strong. After seeing their GM step down on New Year’s Day, Cheese-head Nation’s superstar quarterback’s comments from Thursday will only add to recent headaches.

Like Eric’s breakdown of yesterday’s hilarious verbal confrontation from Radio Row proved, the news coming out of Mall of America can throw us for a loop. In the aftermath of the near fist to cuffs between two Houston radio personalities, the latest curveball came from ESPN Radio’s Golic and Wingo show. It was on that platform, from the ultra prestigious Hard Rock Cafe, that Aaron Rodgers expressed his opinion on Green Bay’s decision to let their (excuse me) HIS QB Coach go.

Scott Alex Van Pelt had been coaching Rodgers and his backups since 2014. With his contract expiring after this past season, the Packers came to the decision not to renew Van Pelt’s deal. The 34 year-old quarterback expressed frustration that the move was made “without consulting” him.


In my opinion, he’s 100% right. Considering how f*cken important that man is to that franchise, he absolutely should have been able to voice his opinion. I’m not saying you give number 12 the almighty influence of a Lebron James, but if you’re Green Bay, you have to AT-LEAST inquire with him. Even if don’t go with the choice Rodgers wants, he has earned the right to express his desires on this realm.

(Eric’s Editor Take: You consult Rodgers for EVERYTHING. If you want to replace a shitter at Lambeau you f#cking better ask Rodgers first. Why are people in Wisconsin so STUPID? Sorry Johnny. Carry on….)

When it rains, it pours. While the Vikings are in the midst of an all important decision regarding our own QB situation, keep this in mind: Aaron Rodgers, if he choses, will be eligible to hit the free agent market in 2019. Outside of him, Green Bay’s roster, as a whole, is sub par. With that being said, if you’re Rodgers, why wouldn’t you look at options outside of Wisconsin?

The Packers have done a terrible job supporting him. Down the road, there’s a chance that his frustration with this unappreciative franchise will make him want to stick it Green Bay. If that were to occur next offseason, who’s to say he wouldn’t want to hop on over and join the Purple? I know it sounds wild, but the move wouldn’t be totally unprecedented

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