Aaron Rodgers Can’t Slam Beer in Clutch Time on National TV

Did you go to sleep early last night? I hope not.

Remember that calm, cool, and collected #12 that used to be under center for the border rival Green Bay Packers? Well, not only does his family no longer love him, but any self-respect or dignity that Rodgers once had is out the fucking window.

Nobody will ever fear Aaron Rodgers again, EVER. Not even if there’s a FIRE.

After what took place at last night’s Milwaukee Bucks playoff game, Aaron Rodgers should probably just retire and move somewhere without football. A place where European Kickball is more of their forte, perhaps?

This performance is so bad that it’s difficult to watch more than once. His own teammate slams two cups in under 10 seconds and then Rodgers can’t down half of his.

Say whatever you want about “man cards” not existing or how “chugging beers doesn’t make you a man!” Maybe not…. but when the fail is this epic… it might make you *not a man.

And then, Christian Yelich destroys him just before Matt Stafford dives in from the top ropes, with a tall and skinny sophisticated glass. If only Kirk Cousins had gotten in on the fun…

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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