A Minnesota Sports Daily Recap Show, But Different.

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Minnesota Sports Fan LLC launched a new content venture today, with our first live-streamed episode of “Minnesota Sports & Stuff”, a new YouTube show that will run every weekday afternoon. There are some recorded BETA episodes on our YouTube channel as well, so you can see more of what we’ve been creating but we went live for the first successful time today.

We will have a list of topics every episode that will cover everything that is relevant in Minnesota sports, plus anything else we decide is worth bullshitting about. Here are some other details about the show:

  • Each episode is 15 minutes running time (European Kickball Style).
  • No set amount of time per topic
  • No “extra time” after clock expires
  • Up to 4 people

Seth Toups was on with me today (and probably will be most days) but we will have a variety of different guests, and will often have more than just two of us. Today was a bit more vanilla. Going forward, we will add pieces to make it better. That includes more guests, background music, and highlight videos of what we’re discussing. All of this will be implemented in the very-near future.

Subscribe HERE and come hangout every weekday afternoon, going forward!