A Guide to Betting the Super Bowl

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The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event of the year and one of the most bet-on events in North America. Every February, millions of people come together to watch the big game and place bets on their favorite teams. For sports fans, betting on the Super Bowl can be an exciting way to get involved in a thrilling competition while also potentially making some money.

But it’s not as simple as picking a team and hoping they win—there are countless different ways to wager on this event, and understanding them all is essential for anyone looking to make smart bets. Whether you’re new to betting or have been playing for years, this guide will provide you with all the information you need about how to bet on the Super Bowl so that you can increase your chances of winning big.

Picking the Winner

Picking the winner of the Super Bowl is one of the most popular wagers for any football fan. This type of bet can be simple to understand, as it involves selecting which team will come out on top at the end of the game. It’s also an exciting way to get involved in the action and have a stake in the outcome.

When betting on the Super Bowl, it is important to understand the odds to win the Super Bowl and calculate the chances of a team winning. The most common way to find out the odds of a team winning is through sportsbooks and bookmakers.

These entities give an estimated probability that each team has of winning based on factors such as performance this season, player injuries, past performance against other teams, and home-field advantage. Depending on how confident bettors are in their picks, they can then place a wager accordingly and potentially cash out if their team is victorious.

Point Spreads

The most popular type of Super Bowl bet is a point spread bet. In these bets, one team is given a certain number of points (called “the spread”) which they must overcome in order to win. For example, if two teams are playing each other and one team is considered as having a better chance to win than the other, then that team might be given 5 points for the spread.

This means that even if they only win by 4 points or less, they would still cover the spread, and those who bet on them would win the bet. Similarly, those who bet on the underdog would have to hope that their team wins by more than 5 points in order to take home any money from their wager.


Other types of bets include moneylines, where players pick which team will outright win without accounting for any point spread; proposition (or prop) bets, where players make wagers based on different outcomes within the game, such as whether or not a particular player will score a touchdown; over/under bets which involves predicting whether or not both teams will score above or below a certain combined total score; futures betting which involves placing wagers before the Super Bowl; and parlay betting which combines multiple smaller bets into one larger bet with bigger payouts but also higher risks.

It should also be noted that these odds can frequently change throughout the course of an NFL season due to events such as injuries or trades occurring, so keeping up with news about teams you are looking into betting for can give you an edge over those who aren’t informed about these changes. Additionally, understanding how strategies like hedging your bets can help reduce risk can also give you an advantage when it comes to making money from Super Bowl wagering.


As the Super Bowl continues to be one of the most popular sporting events in America, betting on it has become increasingly popular. With so many different ways to wager and numerous strategies that can help reduce risk, more people are taking a chance at making some money off of this exciting event.

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