5 Gopher-Related Takeaways from Local HS Star, Tre Holloman’s Interview with WCCO Radio

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2022 point guard, Tre Holloman, has become a highly coveted hometown basketball prospect, out of the prestigious Cretin-Derham Hall High School (Minnesota). Holloman has shown he is worth the national attention he’s getting.

Holloman has scholarship offers from Power-5 programs all over the country, including Minnesota, Iowa State, Baylor, Wisconsin, Iowa and Texas (just to name a handful). To discuss those offers and more, WCCO’s Henry Lake recently interviewed the top-100 point guard. The interview is below, followed by five things that I took away from it. First though, here’s a quote from the interview, about Richard Pitino.

“The relationship with the coaching staff… and really see if they would let me play. And (see if they’re) laughing and joking and stuff, and just being like a father figure for me.”

Tre Holloman – WCCO Interview

#1: His ideal coach sounds a lot like Richard Pitino

Okay, okay… that quote wasn’t specifically about Minnesota Gophers head basketball coach, Richard Pitino, but it might as well have been. That was Tre’s answer when asked about what factors play most into his college decision.

Think about it: Holloman has a very good relationship with the Gophers. He has appeared at several games throughout the past couple years and continues to have dialogue with the coaching staff. Maybe it’s the Minnesota Sports Fan talking, but he’s describing Pitino in this quote. Richard is the ultimate father-figure and his dad jokes on Twitter prove it.

Whether he is describing Pitino or not (because he could 100% be talking about other coaches — and probably is), I will continue to have hope that Little Ricky is the dream coach Holloman is describing. Here is the entire interview:

In 2019-20, only his sophomore year of high school, Holloman averaged 11 points, 9.2 assists, 2.7 steals and 3.6 rebounds per game, while shooting 44.4% from the field and 37.2% from deep. During the winter, he plays some of the best competition in the state at CDH, and turns it up in the summer too, playing AAU ball with one of the nations best, Howard Pulley.

#2: Emoni Bates decision to commit to Michigan State could hurt the Gophers

“That was big, that was very big. [Bates and I] really talk often, and I would want to play with somebody like him, because he can score and he’s a winner and he’s got that winner mentality.”

Tre Holloman – WCCO Interview

If you haven’t been paying attention to the national recruiting landscape thus far, Emoni Bates is the number one player in the nation, according to many news outlets. He has been labeled as one of the best prospects since Lebron James, by recruiting expert Evan Daniels. This past week, he committed to Michigan State

There is a chance he never even steps foot on the East Lansing campus. The NBA is thinking about changing the one-and-done rule, and even if they don’t, there are now other feasible and lucrative options. For now, however, Bates’ decision hurts the Gophers. 

Holloman has been recruited heavily by Michigan State. Tom Izzo even went as far as to call Holloman, just after midnight, on the first day he was allowed to call junior prospects. Additionally, Bates and Holloman talk “often” according to Tre…

#3: Holloman thankful for the attention he’s received from coaches during quarantine

“It’s been a blessing, because knowing that coaches still are looking at me and then I’m not really playing… puts joy to my face.”

“Coaches been calling me, texting me, and just letting me know their play style and stuff and doing zoom calls.”

Tre Holloman – WCCO Interview

During the interview Holloman was asked how national recruiting has been during quarantine. Holloman’s play last year speaks for itself. Known for his passing skills more than his scoring, Tre averaged 11 points and an astounding 9.2 assists per game. You do not see that very often, if at all. Those stats have coaches buzzing his phone a lot, too.

#4: Missed time during quarantine was tough but wasn’t a problem

“It’s been tough because I can’t work out or shoot around and stuff because the virus and it’s been tough. But I’ve been working through it and just being patient in how I get to work out and stuff so it feels good now.”

“Not really [rusty] because [other] people are sitting at home, too. And they gotta wait, too, so nah, I haven’t been feeling rusty.

Tre Holloman – WCCO Interview

With COVID-19 abruptly cutting the CDH Basketball season short, Holloman was unable to finish what he started, nor get in the gym after the season. Was that stressful for him? Was he worried about getting rusty?

#5: Offseason Plan

Every player has something to improve on during the offseason. For some, it’s getting quicker and stronger. For others, it’s passing. For Holloman, it’s shooting.

Even while shooting a higher field goal percentage than everyone on the Gophers except Daniel Oturu and Jarvis Omersa, he still feels he needs to get better. Plus, that three-point percentage isn’t too bad either, as it’s only behind Isiah Ihnen, when comparing to current Gophers.

When asked about what his strengths are and what he needs to improve on, he was pretty honest and accurate.

“My best things that I have is my basketball IQ, because I can see the floor very well and I make the right plays and stuff. What I need to work on is my shooting, so like catch and shoot and shooting off the dribble… being more consistent with it.” 

Tre Holloman – WCCO Interview

Overall, Tre Holloman is definitely a player that the Gophers need to keep on their radar. He’s a hometown kid, for one. His mom, Crystal Flint, played for Minnesota in the early 90’s. I know It’d make me, and a lot other Gophers fans, very happy to see her son put on the Maroon and Gold too.

Carson Ruen | Minnesota Sports Fan

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