247Sports Recruiting Update Gives Fleck His First 4-Star QB

Photo: Jesse Johnson - USA TODAY Sports
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Over the weekend, 247Sports.com did an update to their recruiting profiles and many kids, who didn’t yet have a rating, received one. The two new Gopher commits for 2021, who happen to be brothers, were two of those kids. And, if you are a fan of our local D1 college football team, you’re going to be one happy rower. 

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You wanted another big time QB, Gopher Nation? You just got one. Athan is currently the 6th-rated dual-threat QB nationally, on 247Sports.com, and he is PJ Fleck’s highest-rated quarterback by far. We are all very excited to watch Jacob Clark throw a football for the first time in a Gopher uniform next Saturday for the Spring Game, and that certainly doesn’t change with the addition of Athan, but Jacob ended his recruiting with a .8850 rating when he eventually stepped on campus. 

 That’s like the difference between a B+ and a C+ on your last test…

247Sports takes pride in the accuracy of their recruiting system and it’s been impressive in the time I’ve followed it. They have the process they go through on their site but recruits come into the rating system on the low-end of their potential. The ratings usually don’t move too much for most players but when they do……. they USUALLY go up…

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 And, Athan’s brother Dino is nothing to blink at either. He’s a solid 3-star and carries plenty of WR potential in a big 6-2 – 190 lb frame.

Don’t look now (seriously don’t… it’s way too early and will set unrealistic expectations), but the Gophers currently lead the Big Ten for 2021 recruiting. They only have 3 commitments and most teams have 0…. but hey, I’ll never miss a chance to slap PJ on the back and I’d rather be at the top than the bottom, no matter the time of year.

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Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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