Report: Vikings Trying to Complete Trade-Up Before Draft Night

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The NFL Draft is one week from today and the Minnesota Vikings, in case you haven’t heard, are trying to move up from their spot at No. 11. While we’ve heard that they’re open to multiple outcomes on April 25, their preferred option is to trade up and secure their quarterback of the future.

From everything we know, they like all three QBs who are expected to be available at No. 2, Drake Maye (UNC), Jayden Daniels (LSU) and JJ McCarthy (Michigan). What we don’t know is which quarterback they prefer and how much more they might prefer them.

Minnesota Vikings would like to trade up before draft night

What we do know is that, according to Kimberly Martin (ESPN), the Vikings would prefer to make their trade up prior to draft night. Whether it’s No. 3, No. 4, No. 5 or a surprise jump to another spot, general manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah would prefer NOT to wait until the wildcard that can be draft night.

Mike Greenberg: “K-Mart, would you be shocked if the Vikings move into the top-5?”

Martin: “No, not shocked at all. You know why? Because I know they’ve been trying to do that. They’ve been on the phone trying to actively move up. Here’s the thing, it’s not a done deal. I think, in a perfect world, the Vikings would start Thursday with that top-5 pick already in-hand. They would have that spot, but it’s not guaranteed yet, and their GM has to decide if they’re going to give up the kind of compensation they need to get into the top-5.”

Kimberly Martin – Get Up (ESPN)

Why would the Minnesota Vikings want to complete a trade-up before draft night? My best guess… because it eliminates the unknown. If Kwesi can get up into the top-4, it guarantees they land one of the QBs named above. If they can get into the top-3, it guarantees they get a choice, with two still on the board.

Giants must have Vikings nervous at No. 6

You know, it’s funny… I was just talking to someone about this last night, after news broke that the New York Giants were supposedly NOT interested in a quarterback at No. 6. If you’re the Minnesota Vikings, the biggest threat to foiling all of the 2024 NFL Draft plans is the New York Giants, at No. 6.

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They are telling everybody who will listen that they do not want a quarterback, but Adam Schefter (ESPN) and others will tell you that the Giants have done more work on QBs in this draft class than just about any other team in the NFL not named the Vikings.

If the Broncos or Raiders try to trade up ahead of you, let’s say to No. 4 or No. 5, the Cardinals and Chargers (respectively) are going to call you first, to make sure you won’t offer something even bigger than whatever those trade-up packages are. But, just for funsies, let’s say the board falls as expected, to start the draft…

  1. Caleb Williams (CHI)
  2. Jayden Daniels (WSH)
  3. Drake Maye (NE)
  4. Marvin Harrison Jr (AZ)
  9. BEARS
  10. JETS

In a vacuum theory where no trades are allowed, JJ McCarthy should fall to the Vikings at No. 11, in the above scenario. No team after No. 3 is interested in taking a QB, per what’s been reported as of tonight. Thinking more realistically, I’m not sure they’re worried all that much about being jumped by teams behind them, like the Broncos or Raiders.

Common sense says the teams ahead of them, like the Chargers, Falcons, Bears etc would all call the Vikings before they made a draft night deal with any of those QB hungry teams. Why? Because Kwesi & Co might offer a better package.

It’s in those teams’ best interest to call the Vikings and make sure they can’t get an even better deal, before they agree to a trade with the Broncos, Raiders or anybody else.

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But that’s not the case if the New York Giants are lying in the weeds for a QB at No. 6. They claim they’re not interested, but even Schefter is skeptical of how truthful they’re being. And that has to be in the minds of the Minnesota front office members.

Otherwise, there’s no reason to move up early. If the Vikings make a move into the top-5 now, it will cost two first round picks. If they wait until draft night, and a QB starts to slip (which is very possible), they could stay at No. 11 or trade up to No. 8, maybe No. 9, and save a first round pick.

If you trade up early, that scenario cannot play itself out. So, if the Vikings really are trying that hard to trade up before draft night, they must be convinced that the Giants are taking a QB at No. 6 OR that the Broncos, maybe Raiders, have already decided to make a move, should the Vikings try and wait.

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