2020 World Series Champs Are More Legit Than Cheating Astros, Says New Twin Rich Hill

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I was excited about the Minnesota Twins’ acquisition of LHP Rich Hill, for 2020. He brings stability to the back-end of a starting rotation that suddenly seems packed with depth. Hill is yet to throw a pitch for the Twins, but after what he told WEEI Radio recently, he might be my new favorite player, already.

Hill was asked about the legitimacy of a 2020 World Series Champion, who triumphs over a 60-game season, instead of 162. Remember, Hill played on the Dodger team that fell to the cheating Houston Astros back in 2017. He held back a bit on his answer, but you’ll have no issues reading between the lines

“We can look back to a couple of years ago, was that a World Series? Honestly. I was there. The more you hear about it … Whatever. It is what it is… What I’m saying, if we’re going to compare that, if we’re going to compare this 60-game season and say it’s not a championship season, well, OK. I have a different feeling about that.

Rich Hill – WEEI Radio

I Love Rich Hill

I’d like this quote printed out, shredded, minced and boiled into a liquid I can inject directly into my veins. If 2017’s World Series still counts for the Astros, then you can be damn-well sure that 2020 will go into the books without an asterisk, as well (hopefully for the Minnesota Twins).

Who knows what will happen over the next six months, but as long as a team is crowned when it’s over, they’ll be more of a champion than the 2017 Houston Astros ever were. Hill is a gentleman, though, and didn’t want to stir up anymore controversy. He just wants everyone to know, that the 2020 season definitely matters to players around the league, himself included.

And I want Rich Hill to know, that he matters to me. I don’t buy jerseys anymore but I might make an exception tonight…

“I brought it up because it was to the case and point of the 60-game season not being a championship season, and I fully, 100 percent think it is. I’m looking forward to having a great year.”

Rich Hill – WEEI Radio

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