Could 2017-2018 Really be THE SEASON for the Minnesota Vikings?

What a week for Vikes’ fans, am I right? Minnesota held Atlanta without a TD, on their way to a 14-9 victory. A former Wisconsin Badger quarterback helped snap Philadelphia’s nine game winning streak. Badda bing, badda boom. All of the sudden we be atop the NFC standings.

With only four games remaining in the regular season, I’m prepared to address a question that’s starting to make its way across #SkolNation….

Could 2017-2018 Really be THE SEASON for the Minnesota Vikings? (*whispers: like Super Bowl Home-Boy?)

The rest of the country is starting to realize what Minnesotans knew months ago. Just like Evander Holyfield, the Vikings are the real deal. On Monday, numerous National football outlets featured Purple based banter. There were comparisons to past Super Bowl winning teams, this year’s Patriots, and the Wentz Wagon. As for the theme around Vikings camp, stay focused.

But we’re fans, not players. So, we’re diving deep. It’s been over 40 years since Minnesota reached the championship game. Despite getting dangerously close in 1998 and 2009:

Trick question. I died inside both times.

Will this season end differently than those heart-breakers? I don’t know (the Football Gods didn’t answer my phone call). What I do know, is that this year is a completely different animal and a completely different team.

The obvious difference is DEFENSE. Between the three teams (’98, ’09, ’17) this year’s version is superior on that side of the ball FOR SURE. What’s the old saying? “Defense wins championships…. unless you’re playing Tom Brady”. It’s something along those lines.

Both the 1998 and 2009 Vikings bolstered above-average defensive units. However, each finished the season 19th against the pass.

People are fixated on the Gary Andersen missed kick from the Atlanta defeat. It needs to be noted that the Falcon’s QB, Chris Chandler, torched us for 340 yards and 3 TDs that day (*Boss editing note: It’s still Gary’s fault). As for ’09, same shit. Fixation on Favre’s across-the-body interception and AP’s fumbles… (ok it’s hard to argue those)… BUT, although the defense held the Saints to just 257 yds of total offense that night, they did allow 3 passing touchdowns. With this defense, that doesn’t happen. You might get into the redzone, but you aren’t scoring a touchdown. On Sunday, Xavier Rhodes and company snapped Matt Ryan’s streak of 30 consecutive games with a TD. Like I said, different team, different animal.

In ’98 we drafted future Hall of Famer, Randy Moss. Nobody expected that team, in particular, that offense, to accomplish what it did. In ’09, we added Mr. Brett Favre. Favre had arguably the best season of his career, resulting in a Sidney Rice out-of-body experience. One he never duplicated The addition of the Gunslinger, and Rice’s 1312 receiving yards, came out of nowhere. The prior year’s teams didn’t jump out. There was no devastating playoff loss or underachieving season the year before.

What’s different this time around? Our Vikings were supposed to have this team last year. 5 weeks into the 2016 NFL season we were the greatest thing since sliced bread. Minnesota was undefeated and sitting atop of the Power Rankings. It was supposed to be “our year.” That changed quickly, as we all know, when the Vikings dropped 8 of their final 11 to finish .500 on the season. The 2017 team seems like it’s looking for redemption. Revenge is one powerful motivator. If you don’t believe, just ask my ex-wife.

Come on, boys. The fans need another shot in that Conference Title Game, more than we need air. We need to feel that sense of no control. Where 11 men in purple carry an entire history of blood, sweat, and A LOT of tears, when they take the field… the threat of another Minnesota-let-down dripping in every throw, every handoff, and every tackle.  That feeling is like an addiction. One that MANY of us have never felt climax. Like sex without the happy ending……

As of Monday, the Super Bowl was exactly two months away from smacking the City of Minneapolis in the face. The fucken Super Bowl!

If the Vikings can make it, they’ll be the first team ever to host and play, in the big game. That’s the goal. Accomplishing short-term goals results in reaching long-term success. As mentioned, the theme expressed by players and coaches on Monday was staying focused. I like it. Keep your eyes on beating Cam Newton and the Panthers into the ground this upcoming Sunday.

Nine straight? Why not? #SKOL

Johnny Minnesota @mnsportsnstuff
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