0-0 Draw OK for Loons; Bad for Selling Soccer to Critics

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That’s right! This is a soccer recap on MinnesotaSportsFan.com. There’s a new writer at Minnesota Sports Fan, and I’m showing the hometown Loons some love. 

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the self-proclaimed God, made the trip from LA to St. Paul last night to face off with our Minnesota Loons.

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The God from “Dude Where’s My Car” walked onto Allianz field with his chest pumped out and strutting around like his shit don’t stink but by the end of the match, he was happy to make it out of Minnesota with a draw. This was a game that the Galaxy should have dominated, on paper. But the Loons came out swinging kicking in the second half with chance after chance, more than doubling up the Galaxy on corner kick chances (MN-13 LA-6). LA found themselves dropping back on defense and burning clock, just hoped to make it to the final whistle still tied 0-0.

Here I was trying to convince my new boss that he should get excited for Minnesota soccer and jump on board with me and the other 20,000 rowdy fans at Allianz field…. (Eric’s editing note: “LOL”) And the game ends in a scoreless tie. How exciting… thanks a lot boys.

Nevertheless, getting a point out of a tough LA team is a moral victory and something the Loons shouldn’t hang their heads about. (soccer scoring: win=3 pts draw=1 point.. similar to hockey scoring).

MNUFC will have to wait until Sunday to try for their 1st victory at their new home. I know the loyal fans are itching to sing their favorite song.

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Clem Clemans | Minnesota Sports Fan


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